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Melanie Demonstrates Woven Links Bead Stitching

Melanie takes you step by step through using chevron chain to create two links of the Woven Links Lariat project.  This is a great technique that can be used for lots of fun things.


Three Different Ways To Wear Woven Links Lariat

Melanie shows you three different knotting methods to get three different looks out of the Woven Links Lariat.  You will find these useful for other scarves and supple lariats as well.  This is a great video to give some simple fun ideas!

Chevron Basics Tutorial PDF

The Fundamentals of Chevron Chain

This is a great two page sheet that Melanie has prepared to teach the basic concepts of Chevron Chain stitching in a few forms.   This color illustrated handout is a great resource no matter which project you are doing with Chevron!

Click here for the PDF download


Melanie Explains The Basics Of Chevron & Demos Circular Chevron Lace Beads

Melanie shows the basics in this video of how Chevron Chain works and then goes on to show how this stitch is used so well in the basic kit Circular Chevron Lace Beads.

Tying off two threads at once  

Tying off two threads at once

This is a great shortcut to save time securing your stitching. If you add a new thread to an existing thread to continue working you end up with two threads that need to be tied off before they can be trimmed away. This method works great when you are working with a design that is not tightly woven and you do not need to pass through beads again.

Architecting a Clasp
Melanie reviews different clasp designs that fit the spirit of the piece and function reliably. Click on the icon to view the video.
Chevron Chain Petals for Springtime
Melanie demonstrates techniques for making petals that flair like the ones you see in nature. She does this with chevron chain and increases chains on the second row. This video is about seven minutes.

Demo of Techniques in Swinging Starlets
Melanie demonstrates techniques for two components in Swinging Starlets, a sleek necklace design inspired by early 20th century style. Watch the method for creating a 2-bead square stitch chain segment and the closure of a 6mm bezel.

Festoonery: Pattern PDF

Festoonery is an adorable Christmas wreath that can be worn as a pendant. This festive ornamental holiday wreath is created using chevron chain and spiral rope, and it was inspired by the advent wreath.

Triangle Dangles: Pattern PDF

The skill level for this pattern is beginner and up. We hope you have fun with these fast and simple earrings!

Well-Equipped Work Space: Video

Set up your own comfortable work space by finding a nook in your house and outfitting it with a table, chair, good lighting and some basic beading supplies/tools. This work space will give you the right atmosphere to bead even if you only have a couple of minutes. Over time, a couple of minutes add up into hours and you will begin to see the fruitfulness of these minutes as you complete each beading project.

Set Up a Well-Equipped Work Space: Supply List

Set up your own comfortable work space by finding a nook in your house and outfitting it with a table, chair, good lighting and some basic beading supplies/tools. This is a list of all the supplies Melanie mentions in her video.

Adding Thread to an Existing Work: PDF

Download an instruction sheet with illustrations for adding thread that Melanie demonstrated in an earlier video. You can use this instruction sheet for yourself or to give away to friends!

Preparing Thread
Properly preparing your thread before you bead helps to keep out tangles and unwanted knots as well as making it easier to maintain proper tension. Melanie Potter demonstrates how she prepares nylon and monofilament threads. As well as a technique to make it easier to add a needle to monofilaments.

How to Tie Off Your Threads

Tying off threads properly is crucial to keeping your seed bead weaving from falling apart. Melanie demonstrates how she ties off her threads so that her work stays secure and intact.



Adding Thread to an Existing Work: Video

There are many ways to add thread to your work and Melanie Potter demonstrates her favorite method to help her keep the momentum of her beading going.


Adding a Clamshell Part 2

Melanie shows you a professional and efficient way to finish your necklace using clamshells.

Color Play with Melanie Potter

Recently I saw a door mat that I thought was wonderful and gave me a jolt of inspirational excitement although not knowing how it would play into my work but trusting I would find a use for it later...

Click here for the entire tips and techniques article.

Basic Bezeling

The basic bezel illustrated in this “how to” series is a relatively simple way to bezel an 8mm round cabochon with no holes. Use it as an addition in your design repertoire. Some design ideas include: connecting them together for bracelets or necklaces, embellishing them to make them more elaborate or keep it simple and attach a chain and ear wire for earrings.

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