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Ribbed Cuff by Melanie Potter

Palazzo Lanterna by Melanie Potter

Translated "Palace Lantern," this pendant necklace is inspired by the ornate wrought iron lanterns gracing the facade on a variety of Italian buildings or palaces dating back to the 1400's. Specifically, the Palazzo Strozzi, Palazzo Guadagni in Florence, and the Palazzo Baroni in Lucca, boast these types of marvelous works. Beautiful lanterns produced by such iron smiths as Niccolo Grosso showcase a skill that is unparalleled in scope of the work at that time, and is even a marvel in modern day. 

Comes in 4 Lovely Color Ways

Lanterns served a critical role in times past. They literally illuminated exterior and interior spaces prior to electrical lighting. Today they serve a more ornamental role. The Palazzo Lanterna necklace is a new exploration of the motifs and ornamentation of traditional lanterns, bringing a modern-day feel and renewed purpose to a classic icon.

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Palazzo Lanterna is a three-dimensional lantern pendant with an open interior and brilliant stones providing support the the whole structure. Scrollwork follows twirling paths along the facade of the lantern to produce visual interest and color. The top and bottom are cupolas, shaped like a pyramid, which attach the bail at the top and three ornate swirls at the bottom. Beaded rings dangle from the edges, providing movement. The necklace can be one or two strands and terminates in a bezeled clasp with a button and loop closure. 

Skill Level:

Tubular and flat peyote
Square stitch
Stitch in the Ditch

Each beadwork kit includes:
  • 3 colors of 11/0 cylinder beads
  • 1 color of 15/0 Japanese seed beads
  • 2mm Czech pearls
  • 8mm Swarovski square stones
  • O-beads
  • 1 bobbin of OneG beading thread
  • Beading Needles
  • 1 handy carrying case
  • Full color instructions with illustrations and a picture of the completed beadwork

To view color palettes or purchase Palazzo Lanterna kits click here.

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