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Nautilus by Carol Wilcox WellsThe Nautilus necklace is about capturing the essence of the sea. Picture the dropping of a net down into the depths of the ocean. Then as the net is brought to the surface each droplet of water glistens like so many crystals. Small creatures reveal themselves and are woven into the our reality.

This component based necklace uses an open right angle weave that is studded with crystals for the nets. The peyote stitched nautiluses, that join each section of net together are partially encased crystal beads. Lastly a jewel is caught in the center three netting components and on the clasp, using a crossover bezel technique that is unique to this project.

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Sand Opal Color WayNeptune would give this necklace to his daughter, it is so special! Carol designed it laden with very special Swarovski beads. Carol uses her crystals in such unique ways to do these lovely stitches and bezels. The #4470 14mm square stones are used for the detail bezels in the center of the netted sections.  There are #5040 8mm briolettes that she uses bezeled in the connecting sections with a kind of beaded shell around part of them. You will also find sparking bicone crystals beaded into the open netting, that adds to the glittering of this stunning necklace.  Worn casually with some jeans, or more formally with a ball dress; either way you will be the object of converstion and admiration with this spectacular creation! 

To view and purchase Nautilus Necklace kits click here.

Finished size: 35"

Skill Level: Intermediate Kit with pattern


Right angle weave

Peyote stitch
  • 11° Japanese seed beads
  • 15° Japanese Charlottes
  • 15° Japanese seed beads
  • 3mm Swarovski bicone crystals
  • 12mm Swarovski fancy square stone
  • 8mm Swarovski briolette beads
  • Beading needles
  • Nylon beading thread
  • Professional illustrated color pattern
  • Handy carrying case
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