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Labyrinth Necklace by Melanie Potter

Color Palette Featured:

Amethyst & Olive

Baroque Pearl Tassle

Labyrinths have a system of circular shapes and patterns that can signify the circle of life. This stately design comprises several interesting circular shapes that are interconnected to create the whole. The main section of the necklace constitutes a sequence of netted chains that link together and connect in front with a bold circular tube or "donut" as the focal point. Movement is added to the necklace with a netted tie that terminates in tassels with a ­­­finial and baroque fringe. The netted tie is filled with a mesh tube for weight and to enhance the color.  This tube is created using Wireknitz embellished with beads to form a flowing look with those lovely large baroque pearls hanging from it.   

For the closure, the back neck of the necklace consists of a special kind of creation that Melanie calls a friction clasp.  This is made up of beaded loops and peanut beads woven in such a way that you can tug on the medium baroque pearls to adjust the size and hold on the neck. This gives the piece a clever and lovely look on the back as well as holding securely with some adjustment to the wearer. 

The large and medium size baroque drop pearls serve as visual weight to balance the composition between the front focal point and the clasp on the neck.  There are rice pearls and potato natural pearls on the piece as well which tie in nicely to the look of the end pearls.  

The beading is done with netting stitches as well as chevron chain techniques.  The beading is fun and has a number of different and interesting techniques that you will enjoy along the way.  Wearing the Labyrinth is a real joy and you will find it shows off great whether you are dressed up for a night out or just heading out in jeans and a tee shirt.  This is one labyrinth that you will be happy to get caught in!

Skill Level:

Chevron chain
Tubular Chevron Chain
Circular Peyote

Each beadwork kit includes:
  • 2 colors of 8/0 Japanese seed beads
  • 7 colors of 15/0 Japanese seed beads
  • Peanut Seed Beads
  • Natural Rice Pearls
  • Natural Potato Pearls
  • Medium Baroque Pearls
  • Large Baroque Pearls
  • Wireknitz
  • Beading needles
  • 1 bobbin of OneG beading thread
  • 1 handy carrying case
  • Full color instructions with illustrations and a picture of the completed beadwork

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