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Color Play with Melanie Potter

A simple way of creating beautiful color palettes

Gathering inspiration for beaded color palettes is relatively easy when I stay mindful of my surroundings even when I’m not intentionally creating. I’ve gotten in the habit of taking inspirational photos with my Photo of door matSmartphone which makes it easy to pick up the idea later.

I’ve been helping our daughter care for our grandbaby a couple times a week and I oftentimes go on stroller outings with Audrey. Recently we passed a door mat that I thought was wonderful and gave me a jolt of inspirational excitement. Although I did not know how it would play into my work I trusted I would find a use for it later. So I took a photo with my Smartphone since I always take it around with me and captured the idea for later.

I decided to use this inspirational photo to figure out a new color palette. Today, I thought I’d share my thought process on how I do this. First off I transferred the photo file to my laptop and placed it into Adobe Illustrator. You may not have this software but it doesn’t matter, you can use the same process with color swatches (chips), colored pencils, paints or markers. Once I  had it in Illustrator I created the same colors in my “swatches palette”. As a general rule of thumb I try to keep the colors to a basic group rather than create every single shade and variety in the color scheme. Thus I came up with eight distinct colors which have an exotic personality. For my work, having this Illustrator swatches palette created makes it easy for me then to do illustrations and write instructions using this palette.

Another tool I enjoy using is totally cool and free. Adobe created an online tool called Kuler which is also available for a tablet. I really enjoy using this tool for brainstorming palettes. You can see more information about Kuler at
Swatches Palette inside Adobe Illustrator

My next step is to create this palette in a bead design. I will share with you in the upcoming week the next steps once I have the palette worked up in beads. And I’ll give you my thought process as I go through the steps. I hope this gives you some inspiration and flexibility as you work out color combinations for whatever you are working on! 

Until next time, keep on beading!



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