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Archipelago by Melanie Potter
Watercolors Special Edition Archipelago
Color Palette: Amethyst & Bronze

An archipelago is a grouping or chain of islands that are oftentimes remote and isolated in bodies of water. The animal and plant life found in an isolated archipelago environment can be very unique from any other place in the world. Because of this, many biologists, botanist and other scientist have found them compelling places to study. Among the most ancient animals are sea turtles and tortoises which are oftentimes found in many archipelagos. In fact, the Galapagos Archipelago derived its name from the old Spanish word for tortoise. Sea turtles and tortoises are part of the reptile family.

The main difference between them is the retractable extremities of the tortoises while the sea turtles use their extremities like fins. 

Petalicious Cuff Fuschia Color Way
This modern pendant necklace was inspired by the exquisite sea turtle and tortoise illustrations by the 19th century German biologist Ernst Haeckel, whose drawings to this day are remarkable. 

Archipelago, the pendant necklace, is imbued with inspiration specifically from the Geometric Tortoise illustration by Haeckel. This species is currently endangered and one of the rarest tortoises in the world. The geometric pendant uses bezeled square stones and beaded triangles to create a three-dimensional shell that is surprisingly lightweight because of the hollow center. Fringing the edge of the shell are equilateral triangles. The pendant features cylinder beads, glittering square stones, colored 3mm beads and hangs by a hidden bail.

Complete Kit

Skill Level:
Easy to Moderate

Each beadwork kit includes:

  • 3 colors of 11/0 Japanese cylinder beads
  • 1 color of 15/0 Japanese seed beads
  • 1 color of 3mm beads
  • Swarovski Fancy square stones 8mm
  • Beading needles
  • 1 bobbin of One-G thread
  • 1 handy carrying case
  • Full color instructions with illustrations and a picture of the completed beadwork

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